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Midwest offers convenient daily or weekly delivery services for our customers in areas surrounding each of our branch locations.


Check out our delivery route maps and schedules below to find out if we deliver to your area. Then just place your order by the date specified via phone or on our E-Store.

There are two convenient ways to place your order for delivery:

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California    Colorado    Indiana    Minnesota    Missouri
Nebraska    Oregon    Utah    Washington    Wisconsin




Hayward, CA


Offering daily delivery out of our Hayward, CA branch to the San Francisco/Oakland, San José, and Sacramento areas; twice weekly delivery to the Galt/Lodi/Stockton/Livermore/Tracy and San Rafael areas; and weekly delivery to Santa Rosa.


Delivery Route Order By:
 San Francisco/Oakland (Daily)  3:30 p.m. previous day
 San Jose Area (Daily by 1 PM)  3:30 p.m. previous day
 Sacramento (Daily)  3:30 p.m. previous day
 San Rafael (Tuesday & Thursday)  3:30 p.m. previous day
 Santa Rosa (Thursday)  3:30 p.m. Wednesday



Hayward, CA Delivery Area Maps: 




Denver, CO


Offering daily delivery out of our Denver, CO Branch to the Denver area, Ft. Collins / Greeley / Brighton / Evans / Berthoud / Loveland / Longmont and Colorado Springs / Castle Rock; three times weekly delivery to Pueblo; twice weekly delivery to Parker/Elizabeth.


Delivery Route Order By:
 Denver Metro (Daily)  5:00 p.m. previous day
 Colorado Springs (Daily)  5:00 p.m. previous day
 Fort Collins (Daily)  5:00 p.m. previous day
 Parker & Elizabeth (Tues/Thurs)  5:00 p.m. previous day
 Pueblo (Mon/Wed/Fri)  5:00 p.m. previous day


Denver, CO Delivery Area Maps:


Metro South

Metro North

Colorado Springs

Fort Collins












Indianapolis, IN


Our newest location offers daily delivery to customers in central Indiana. Please call 317.225.4686 for deliveries outside of the metro area.

Delivery Route Order By:

 Indianapolis Metro Daily Delivery

   8:30 a.m.*


Indianapolis, IN Delivery Area Maps:





St. Paul, MN


Offering daily delivery out of our St. Paul Branch to the Twin Cities metro area and weekly delivery to St. Cloud, Eau Claire, and La Crosse/ Winona areas.


Delivery Route Order By:
 Twin Cities Metro (Daily)
 8:30 a.m.
 St. Cloud (Monday)
 2:30 p.m. Friday
 Southeast MN / Western WI (Tuesday - Wednesday)
 2:30 p.m. Monday
 Duluth (Thursday)  2:30 p.m. Wednesday
 Mankato / Southern MN (Friday)  2:30 p.m. Thursday



St. Paul, MN Delivery Area Maps:  

Mankato / Southern MN



Kansas City, MO

Offering daily delivery to the Kansas City area and weekly delivery to Columbia.


Delivery Route Order By:
 Kansas City Area (Daily)  9:30 a.m.
 St. Joseph/Lawrence (Tuesday/Friday)  4:30 p.m. previous day
 Columbia/Jefferson City (Wednesday)  4:30 p.m. previous day
 Wichita (Thursday)  4:30 p.m. previous day



Kansas City, MO Delivery Area Maps:

Kansas City

St. Joseph / Lawrence

Columbia/Jefferson City




Omaha, NE


Offering daily service to Omaha twice weekly service to Des Moines, Ames, Carlisle, Madrid, and Winterset; and weekly delivery to Lincoln, Grand Island, York, Hastings, Kearny and Sioux City.



Delivery Route Order By:
 Omaha, NE (Daily)  4:00 p.m. previous day
 Sioux City, IA (Monday and Thursday)  3:30 p.m. previous day
 Norfolk, NE (Monday)  3:30 p.m. previous day
 Lincoln, NE (Tuesday & Friday)  3:30 p.m. previous day
 Grand Island, York, Hastings, Kearney (Wednesday)  3:30 p.m. previous day
 Des Moines Area (Daily)  3:30 p.m. previous day



Omaha, NE Delivery Area Maps: 



Omaha Route


Sioux City

Lincoln Route


Des Moines

Des Moines,
Iowa City,
Cedar Rapids,
and Waterloo



Portland, OR


Offering daily delivery to the Portland and Salem areas.


Delivery Route Order By:
 Portland Area (Daily)  9:00 a.m.
 Salem (Daily)  9:00 a.m.




Portland, OR Delivery Map: 




Salt Lake City, UT



Offering daily delivery to the Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden areas.

Delivery Route Order By:
 Salt Lake City (Daily)*  5:00 p.m. Previous Day*
 Ogden (Daily)
 Provo (Daily)

 *Salt Lake City ONLY: Order by 2:00 p.m. to receive same-day delivery.


Salt Lake City Area Delivery Map:  



Seattle, WA


Offering daily delivery to the Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia/Everett area and weekly delivery to Bellingham, Centralia and Port Orchard/Bremerton.

Delivery Route Order By:
 Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia/Everett (Daily)  9:00 a.m.
 Bellingham (Tuesday)  9:00 a.m. Tuesday
 Centralia (Wednesday)  9:00 a.m. Wednesday
 Port Orchard (Thursday)  9:00 a.m.Thursday



Seattle, WA Delivery Area Maps:




New Berlin, WI


Offering daily delivery to the Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago, Rockford and surrounding areas; weekly delivery to Wausau/Central WI.

Delivery Route Order By:

 Daily Delivery

(Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago, Rockford)

8:30 a.m.

Central Wisconsin Wednesday Delivery Area 3:00 p.m. Tuesday for Wednesday delivery
Central Wisconsin Thursday Delivery Area 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, for delivery on Thursday


New Berlin, WI Delivery Area Maps:


Daily Delivery

Central WI WEDNESDAY delivery

Central WI THURSDAY delivery










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