Go on, have your cake and eat it too.

This go-to list is your screen printing product jackpot. These products help get the work done around the shop quicker, easier, AND they don’t break the bank. Happy printing!



The EZ Grip

This ergonomic two-handled EZ Grip squeegee allows the user to push and pull the ink across the screen faster and easier. The design isolates their upper-body muscles, reducing the printer's stress and pain. The two handles encourage even squeegee pressure. The little nubbins on the handle and on the squeegee prevent ink from getting where it shouldn't.

Perhaps the best feature of The EZ Grip is the money you save when using this squeegee. Since its friction grip holds the blade without any screws, you can install a blade in seconds. A printer can use all 4 blade edges by changing and rotating the blade. This saves money in blade cost over time.

Midwest Heavy-Duty Hand & Multi-Surface Cleaner Wipes

The Horizons heavy-duty hand & multi-surface cleaner wipes have an innovative formula that disintegrates adhesives, caulk, dirt, grease, grime, inks, lubricants, oils, paints, and so much more. It locks these substances into the towel, while moisturizing your hands and preventing dry, cracking skin.

The wipes have a textured side for hands and aggressive cleaning, and a smooth side for delicate surfaces. These fresh citrus scented wipes leave no residue behind and require no rinsing. The Midwest Horizon Wipes also improve efficiency by allowing press operators to clean their hands at the press, instead of at the sink.

Easiway Easisolv 701N

Easisolv 701N is a do-it-all mesh prep chemical which removes ghost images and degreases screens in one fell swoop!

The 701N is a ready to use liquid that is not hazardous and caustic like other aggressive stain removers. The wash and remover is environmentally friendly and has low odor. It cleans and dissolves virtually all types of screen printable inks, adhesives, clear coatings, and stains.

Midwest Horizons Split Liner Blockout Tape

This is the perfect tape for fast and easy screen printing. The two-toned tape is pressure sensitive and adheres to the fabric and frame. The red section of tape contains no adhesive, so it won't leave your frame feeling sticky with residue after being peeled away.

The Horizons Split Liner Blockout Tape removes easily without hassle from the screen and frame. The adhered liner resists most solvents used in ink removal.

Tekmar Water Based Pallet Adhesive

This is a revolutionary pallet adhesive that is long-lasting and easy on the wallet! Instead of conventional spray adhesive, this adhesive has the option of being directly applied to the pallet, eliminating overspray mess.

After time, if the pallet loses its tack due to lint buildup, just use a wet rag to wipe off the buildup. The pallet’s tack will then be restored instead of having to just keep reapplying the adhesive like other conventional options. This makes the Tekmar water based pallet adhesive extremely economical.


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