Outdoor signage is exposed to all kinds of wrath from the elements. The hot summer sun can fade signage, hail can dent and disfigure, and severe wind can blow your sign into the next county. This isn't always the first thing sign makers think about when starting a new project. Overlooking this aspect can mean early degradation of the sign. Have no fear, there are a few tricks to making signs last during all weather conditions. Here’s how it’s done:

Set Yourself up for Success

Invest in premium outdoor signage materials to ensure your sign has a long life. Signs made of high quality material stand strong when the elements test them. For example, Evonik’s LED SG Impact Modified Acrylite is hammer proof. Literally, we took a hammer to it and couldn’t dent or break the plastic. Check out that entertaining video here.

Developing the perfect formula of material, weight, and flexibility for your sign will yield a long lasting and effective advertising tool for your customers.

Placement is Key

Before installing your customer's outdoor signage, take some time to think through the placement. Placing the sign nearest the road without obstructions is ideal for attracting customer attention. Although you want the sign to be highly visible, try to avoid areas that have a lot of direct sunlight. The sun makes signage yellow and fade quicker, especially if you don't use UV resistant ink. Also, avoid areas that are exposed to high wind, like wind tunnels, commonly found at outdoor shopping centers. The wind can be dangerous as a mounted sign could loosen and fall, damaging surrounding property.

Take and Offer a Warranty

Even if you pay top dollar for your outdoor signage material and think through placement, Mother Nature still strikes. You should always buy your sign material from a company that backs their product with good warranties. This tells you that they trust the quality of their signage and will guarantee it performs to its best ability. So when the weather wreaks havoc, rest assured your sign can be replaced if applicable.

Just like it's smart to get your material with a warranty, it's recommended to provide one to your customers too. This not only offers more value to your customer, but gives you a step above competitors. A common warranty signmakers offer is so many years against cracking and yellowing.

Give your Sign TLC

Just like how humans go to the dentist twice a year for check-ups, your outdoor signage needs maintenance too. The best procedure for a healthy sign is to get regular maintenance scheduled with your customer. This helps combat heavy storm season, especially in areas with extreme hot and cold temperatures. Make sure your customers realize that checking the brackets on the sign, the cleanliness, and paint every now and then is beneficial. By monitoring the sign regularly, you are able to address issues at the earliest signs of damage. The earlier you catch and repair sign damage, the cheaper it will be to fix.