Digital Printed Interior Design Applications

Digital printing has found a new niche. It has broken into the interior design industry and is taking it by storm. A study by Markets and Markets predicts that the digital printing market is expected to grow from USD 21.08 Billion in 2016 to USD 28.85 Billion by 2023.

Digital printing for interior design allows for short run production and customization of many products including: glass windows, customized wall and floor decals, and much more. In the past, it was only economical to print mass quantities on a limited variety of substrate. Here are some ways digital printing contribute to creative interior decorating.

Glass Film

frosted film

In previous years, if you wanted frosted windows you would have to spend good money to get the windows individually customized and engraved. In the digital printing era, you can get this expensive etched look for an affordable price with digital printed film.

The vinyl film is crystal clear and looks like real glass. You can design the glass film to look frosted, etched, or stained. Once Installed, the  digitally printed film can completely transform the look of a conference room, office, or storefront. The design can be printed on film that make it waterproof and scratch resistant, this is great for outdoor applications or for high-traffic areas.

Wall Wrap

We are not a stranger to using digital printing as a interior decorating application. In our conference room at our corporate headquarters we have a customized wall wrap that brings personality into the room. Unlike wallpaper, you can design your wall wrap from scratch with custom imagery and color skus.

Wall wraps are an innovative way to bring personality and design to a room. Thanks to inkjet printing technology, large format wall wraps are here to stay.

Floor Wayfinding Graphics

A great example of wayfinding graphics is at tradeshows and in stores. At tradeshows, many companies lay down floor graphics to lead attendees to their booth. In stores, retailers can lay floor graphics down to advertise sales, or to lead customers to the checkout. Wayfinding graphics guide customers while also offering them an experience.

Digital printers can customize, print, and cut floor graphics of all varieties. Whether you wish to lead people with white arrows or green dinosaur footprints, the possibilities are limitless.



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