In the last few years, heat transfer vinyls have advanced so significantly that they shouldn't even be called HTV anymore. Say goodbye to those stiff, uncomfortable transfers, because these newer products are light years better!

What's Changed?

Heat Transfer Vinyls, historically made out of PVC, are being made more and more with Polyurethane. These films are thinner, more flexible, and stretchier. Now, HTVs feel more like a screen print than ever before.

Along with technological advances in the film itself, the adhesives that attach the polyurethane to the garment are so much better. These adhesives won't bleed out from the design, they can transfer at lower temperatures, and they can adhere to a wider variety of garment types!

What Should I Look For?

Liner: One thing that will never change is that you are going to have to weed your designs. Look for a liner that is tacky so you can create designs with fine detail, but make sure the liner isn't so sticky that you have to fight against it.

Finish: What finish are you looking for? If you want a semi-gloss finish, a product like Chemica Hotmark Revolution is probably the best option for you. If you want a matte finish, check out Quickflex Revolution.

Fabric Compatibility: Make sure the HTV you are choosing will adhere to the garment type you are using. Chemica's Hotmark Revolution & Quickflex Revolution will both adhere to a wide array of fabrics - cotton, polyester, blends, nylon, and acrylic. Anything from a t-shirt to a beanie to a wind jacket is within reach.

Transfer Temperature: Pay attention to the transfer temperature and the amount of time it takes to transfer. If it takes a lot of heat and/or a lot of time you may not be able to transfer to as many fabrics and it will slow you down.

Effects: There are a ton of special effects vinyls now! From glitters and holographic HTVs to metallic and high density vinyls, you will be able to make your dreams a reality with these new products.

Image of t-shirt with heat transfer vinyl applied
Chemica HTVs come in a variety of colors and apply easily to a variety of fabric types!

Why Should I Do HTV?

If you are a considering entering the textile decoration business, Heat Transfer Vinyl applications are about the easiest way to get started. For a very low cost of entry, you will be able to decorate on a variety of garments with unique effects.

If you're an established screen printing shop, the ability to lower your minimum order quantities and offer special decorations is a huge plus. And if you do a lot of athletic garments, you can start doing names and numbers with HTVs.

Is It Time?

If you've been considering getting into textile decorating in general, or HTV in particular, there has never been a better time to enter the market. Heat Transfer Vinyls are easier to use and more comfortable to wear than ever!

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