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Screen Printing Equipment

A.W.T. World Trade Inc.

Complete Manufacturing Source for Screen Printing Equipment, Supplies & Parts; Drying & Screen Storage Racks; Accu-Cure; Accu-Glide; Seri-Glide; Cameo; Tornado; Seri-Glide; Stow-a-Way; Frame-Mate; Rollin' Screen Racker;

BBC Industries Inc.

Textile flash cure dryers such as the Black Flash, Afford-A-Flash™, Air Flash, and Auto Flash; conveyor dryers including the Little Buddy II, Big Buddy III, Forced Air Dryer, T Series Oven, and the Digi-Cure™; and digital direct to garment dryers such as the Forced Air Dryer and the Digi-Cure™

M&R, Nuarc, and Amscomatic Printing Equipment

The world leader in graphic and textile screen printing equipment including the Processor II E®, Conquest™, and Insignia™ graphic printing systems; the Saturn Platinum II®, Renegade™, Renegade XL™, and Renegade LS™ graphic presses; the Switchback™ and Vitran II™ UV conveyor dryers; The Guardian® II Gas Conveyor Dryer; manual textile presses including Kruzer™, Sidewinder™, Chameleon®, Sidewinder Solo™, and Abacus II™ manual presses; Stryker™, Alpha 8™, Challenger® III, Challenger® II, Challenger® II OS, Gauntlet® III, Sportsman® EX, Sportsman® EXG, Diamondback XL™, Diamondback S™, Diamondback C™, Diamondback L™, Victoryone®, Predator LPC™, and Pre-Runner™ automatic presses; Sprint® 3000 and Sprint® 3000T gas conveyor dryers; Economax D™, Fusion™, and Radicure™ D infrared electric dryers; DS-4000™ Digital Squeegee® Hybrid screen/digital printing system; infrared flash cure systems including Blu-Flash™, Tabasco HW™, Reno HW™, Serrano™, Acoma™, Habanero™ and Habanero AF™; quartz flash curing systems such as Red Chili™, Red Chili D™, Red Chili DX™, Cayenne D™. and Tacana D™; direct-to-screen (DTS)screen imaging systems including the i-Image S™, i-Image ST™, i-Image STE I™, i-Image XE™, and i-Image X™; screen exposure systems including the Starlight™ UV LED, Starlight™ ASO (adjustable spectrum output) UV LED, Starlight Gemini™ UV LED, MSP 3140 CTS™, MSP 3140™ metal-halide, Tri-Light CTS™, Tri-Light ST™, Tri-Light™, First Light™, Mega-Light™, Helios™, D-Scan™, 6K™ Multi-Spectrum; lithographic imaging systems like the 26-1KS PLC™ Metal-Halide Platemaker; and T-Shirt folding and packaging machines such as the AB-9000™ high-speed Automatic Bagger, Amscomatic K-950™ shirt folder, Amscomatic LS-350™, L-15H™ Garment Label Applicator, L-15HPA™ Print and Apply Labeling System, UPA-II™ Print and Apply Labeling System, LLM™ Garment Tagger, IC-120™ Shirt Conveyor, and OMNI-BAGGER™ T-Shirt Bagger

Screen Printing Inks

MacDermid Enthone

Hysol® 50 series epoxy inks

Nazdar® Ink Technologies

Comprehensive selection of UV curable, LED UV curable, conventional solvent-based, thermoset, and water-based screen printing inks for printing on paper, plastics, vinyl, metal, glass, containers, wood, paper, and textiles/fabric; Pantone® color matching with the ColorStar® Checkweigh and ColorStar® Pro 2.0 ink management systems

PolyOne Wilflex™

Wilflex™ plastisol textile inks including the complete line of Epic Series non-phthalate inks for all types of printing including PANTONE® approved color matches: Color System MX, Color System PC, Color System Equalizers (EQ), and Color System Rio ink mixing systems; ready-for-use Wilflex™ Epic; Wilflex™ Epic Top Score, Wilflex™ Epic Performance, and Wilflex™ Epic LC low-cure inks for polyester and performance athletic wear; the industry's widest selection of white inks for cotton, cotton/polyester blends, tri-blends, nylon, polyester, Lycra®, spandex, and transfer printing, including Epic Bright Tiger, Epic Quick White, Epic Amazing Bright White, Epic Top Score White, and a large selection of low cure temperature whites such as Epic Top Score LC White, Epic Single LC White, and Epic Performance LC White; and specialty and special-effects inks such as clear, metallic, glitter, shimmer, suede, puff, and numerous texture bases.

Wilflex™ One non-PVC plastisol including PANTONE® approved mixing colors, special-effect, white, and clear inks for printing athletic, fashion, promotional, and nearly any other garment use.

Wilflex™ Oasis water based inks such as Oasis Color Systems, Oasis Intense Series, Oasis Hydrate, Oasis Hydrosoft, and Oasis Discharge. Oasis is a complete ink line including mixing systems, polyester solutions, white, black, and special effects inks

Union Ink

Union Textile plastisol non-phthalate Liberty inks including PADE Maxopake, PATE Athletic Gloss, PLUE Ultrasoft, ATHP Polyester Low Bleed, Eclipse White , EF Brite Cotton White, EF Cosmic Poly White, EF LB Diamond White, EF Unistretch White, Lunar Cotton White, and Mercury LB White; Silextreme Silicone inks including stock colors, mixing colors, and specialty inks; water based inks such as the ATEX Aerotex and DSPP Discharge; Uniglaze Epoxy inks; and the non-PVC EKO series including mixing inks, whites, and specialty additives like suede and silver

Screen Making Supplies & Shop Equipment

ABI Tape

Pallet masking tapes including TransferRite® PM-12 Pallet Mask and TransferRite® PM-50 Pallet Mask; premask products including TransferRite® AirMask®, TransferRite® 782U, TransferRite® 582U, and TransferRite® 1310 Ultra Clear; and protective films including ProtectRite® 8510 and ProtectRite® 7303

ChemFree Corporation®, A Subsidiary of CRC Industries

CRC SmartWasher® bioremediation system for cleaning screen printing tools, squeegees, and floodbars, featuring OzzyJuice®, OzzyMat®, and OzzyBooster®™, microbial cleaners

Easiway Systems

Screen Cleaning and Reclaiming Chemicals such as EasiSolv™ and VersaSolv™ screen washes; EasiSolv™ and PlastiSolv™ press washes; EasiSolv™ and EasiStrip™ stencil/emulsion removers; EasiSolv™ and EasiStrip™ combination cleaners to remove ink and emulsion simultaneously; EasiSolv™ Screen Perfect Degrease and mesh prep; EasiSolv™ stain and haze removers; and screen cleaning equipment such as dip tanks, washout booths, chemical spray systems, and recirculating cleaning systems

Frame Fast®

Screen adhesives and activators such as Frame Fast® Trade Grade, Frame Fast® 280, Frame Fast® 290, Frame Fast® 295, Frame Fast® Activator 303, and Frame Fast® Activator 304

George Knight & Co Inc.

Clamshell heat presses including the DK20, DK20A, DK16, and DK16A; swing-away heat presses like the DK20S, DK20SP, DC16, DC16 with DC-Twin, DC16AP with DC Twin, DK25S, and DK25SP; and large format heat presses including the Maxi•Press AIR, Maxi•Press, and 931 Triton


Dual-cure diazo/photopolymer emulsions such as Kiwocol Poly Plus S, Kiwocol Poly-Plus SRX, Kiwocol Poly-Plus SWR, Kiwocol Poly-Plus MP, Kiwocol Poly-Plus Z, and Kiwocol Poly-Plus HWR; Single component SBQ emulsions such as Polycol Multi-Tex, Polycol Versa-Tex, Polycol Crossover, Polycol One-Coat, Polycol Discharge, Polycol Thick-Coat, Polycol S, Polycol Light-Scribe, Polycol Light-Scribe Hybrid, Polycol Light-Scribe ER, and Polycol Light-Scribe Ultra; diazo emulsions including Kiwocol 300 WR and Kiwocol 225 WR; screen blockouts and hardeners including Kiwo Red Blockout, Kiwo Blue Blockout, Blockout WR, Kiwofiller SWR, Estelan 700 Blue, Kiwodur RD, Hardener K, Hardener WR, and Hardener HP; screen degreasers including Ultra Prep, Kiwoclean Degreaser 1:40, Degreaser 1:20, and Pregan A9; stencil removers such as Kiwoclean Pregasol CF 20, Pregasol P, Dual Strip, Stencil Remover 1:20/1:50, Pregasol F, and Kiwoclean AQ 508; haze removers like Fast Liquid Haze Remover, Mega Clean Active, Pregan C4, and Pregan Paste; ink washes (ink degradents) including Kiwoclean Eco-Wash, Kiwoclean LM 781 E Ink Wash, Ink Wash 99, Ultimate Ink Wash, Kiwoclean Ink Wash 140, Kiwoclean Concentrated Ink Wash, Kiwoclean AQ 808 Ink Wash, Low VOC Ink Wash, Excel Ink Wash, and Kiwoclean Dilutable Ink Wash & Stain Remover; on-press cleaners like Mild Press Wash and On-Press Cleaner; combination cleaners such as Dual Strip and Kiwoclean AQ 808 Ink Wash/Kiwoclean AQ 508 Stencil Remover; chemical spray systems for screen cleaning and reclaiming; Kiwoprint Series screen printable adhesives in solvent, water and UV based technologies; screen frame adhesives, hardeners, and lacquers such as Kiwobond 1100 Powergrip, Kiwobond 1000 HMT, Estelan 700 Blue, Kiwodur 1100 Powergrip, Kiwodur 1000 HMT, and Kiwodur RD; KIWOMAT® Simplex coating machines, Kiwo I-Jet 2® and Kiwo XTS computer to screen (CTS) imaging; Grunig G-Wash, Grunig G-Coat, and Grunig G-Stretch screen processing equipment; and measuring and quality control equipment and tools

MacDermid Autotype

Direct emulsions such as Plus 9000 photopolymer and Plus 2000 dual cure; Capillex capillary film; Alphastar, Five Star, and Greenstar indirect films; CPS and Autotype screen making and reclaiming chemicals including including stencil removers, ink degradents, on-press cleaners, haze removers, and degreasers; and prepress imaging films such as Delta Laser, Aspect Quadra, and Autotype Zeta HD

Midwest Horizons

Horizons Flash Tack, Horizons Mist, and and Horizons Web aerosol pallet adhesives; Horizons Quick-Rip Blockout Tape, Horizons Split-Liner Tape, Horizons White Screen Tape, and Horizons Clear Screen Tape; Midwest pre-stretched screen frames featuring Sefar screen mesh; and Midwest temperature sensing thermolabel strips

Sefar Inc.

Screen printing mesh including Sefar Basic, PET 1500, Sefar LFM (Large Format Mesh) and other Swiss synthetic fabrics; specialized and custom rigid aluminum frames, screen stretching clamps and measuring tools; and frame adhesives such as Sefar SMA 100, Sefar SMA 500, and Sefar SMA 1100

Shur-Loc® Fabric System

Precut Sefar fabric panels designed for use with most self-tensioning frame systems, including Newman Roller Frames®

Stahls Hotronix®

Heat Transfer Presses such as the Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion, the Hotronix® Air Fusion, Hotronix® Fusion, Hotronix® Auto Clam, Hotronix® Auto Cap, Hotronix® LowRider, Hotronix® MAXX Clam, Hotronix® MAXX Cap and Hotronix® Ball Press

Stretch Devices

Newman Roller Frames® including the MZX, M3, M6, and box beam frames for graphic and textile applications; Newman Roller Master automatic stretching table; Newman Constant-Force Squeegees and Newman Floodbars; and specialty screen tapes including the Newman Roller Split-Liner Tape®


Direct ready for use SBQ emulsions such Ulano QFX, Ulano Platinum, Ulano QLT, Ulano QX-1, Ulano QTX, Ulano Blue, Ulano QLT, Ulano QPX, Ulano Orange, and Ulano QX-5; Diazo-Photopolymer (Dual-Cure) Emulsions including Ulano LX-680, Ulano LX-660, Ulano Proclaim, Ulano Proclaim HR, Ulano TLX, Ulano RLX, and Ulano DLX; diazo emulsions like Ulano FX88, Ulano FX88-SR, Ulano 569,Ulano 569Fast, and Ulano 925WR; capillary films including Ulano CDF® Vision, Ulano CDF® EZ-Film, and CDF®/QT Thick-Film; indirect films such as Ulano Red-TI, Ulano Blue Poly 2, and Ulano Blue Poly 3; masking films including Ulano Rubylith, Ulano Sta-Sharp, and UlanoCUT Green; Ulano Pigment Inkjet Film for film positives; mesh prep chemicals including Ulano Magic Mesh Prep, Ulano No. 2 Microgrit, Ulano No. 23 Ulanogel, Ulano No. 25 All Mesh Prep, Ulano No. 3 Mesh Degreaser Liquid, and Ulano No. 33 Mesh Degreaser Concentrate 1:10; screen blockout including Ulano Blue Screen Filler No. 60 and Ulano Green Extra Heavy Blockout No. 10, stencil hardeners such as Ulano Hardener D, Ulano Hardener WR, and Ulano Hardener X; screen wash such a Ulano All Purpose Screen Wash; stencil removers including Ulano Stencil Remover Liquid #4, Ulano Stencil Remover Paste No. 5, Ulano Stencil Remover Concentrate No. 42 1:50, Ulano Stencil Remover Powder No. 44, and Ulano Enzyme No. 1; haze and ghost removers like Ulano Haze Remover Paste No. 78 and Ulano Walk Away Haze Remover

Shop Supplies

Albatross USA

Screen printing chemicals including spot & scorch removers such as AlbaChem Albatross Superkleen S.P.I.F. Cured Ink Remover, AlbaChem Albatross S.P.I.F. II Cured Ink Remover, AlbaChem EXPERT Premium 303 Screen Print Ink Remover, and AlbaChem EXPERT Scorch Remover; spot cleaning guns including the Albatross SG-5000 Cleaning Gun, EXPERT 1000 Cleaning Gun, EXPERT 3000 PSI Gun, and the EXPERT QD-3500 Quick Dry gun; pallet adhesives including ALBA Brush-Tac Pallet Adhesive, Albachem 1175 Dri-Web Pallet Adhesive Spray, AlbaChem 1788 Safe-T-Tack Aerosol Adhesive Spray, and Albatross Safe-T-Tack Water Based Adhesive; screen openers such as AlbaChem Citrus Screen Opener 1634 and Albachem 1641 Clear Screen; and pressure washers including the Kranzle K-1122 Screen Washer and the Kranzle K-2020 Screen Washer


Electronic measuring scales


Textile aerosol spray pallet adhesives including Camie 575 Screen Printers’ Flash Cure Adhesive Low VOC, Camie 580 Screen Printers’ Adhesive; and Camie 385 Webbing Screen Printers' Adhesive; Camie 20/20 Glass Cleaner; and Camie 480 Screen Opener

Fimor North America Co.

Squeegee including Fimor serilor®SR, Fimor serilor®HR, and Fimor serilor®LC; diamond wheel squeegee sharpeners such as serilor®SHORT-Cut™, serilor®MAXI, serilor®MAXITRONIC, serilor®KUT, and serilor®KUTRONIC; and accessories including the serilor®BLADE RUNNER squeegee cleaner, serilor®CUTTER squeegee cutter, and the serilor®CLIPER squeegee corner clipper


Horizons line of aerosol textile spray adhesives including Horizons Flash Tack, Horizons Mist, and Horizons Web; Horizons tapes such as Horizons Split Liner Tape, Horizons White Screen Tape, Horizons Clear Screen Tape, and Horizons Quick Rip Tape; wood squeegee handles with bonded squeegee in 60, 70, and 80 durometer; and cleaning supplies including Horizons Hand Cleaner With Pumice and Horizons Multi-Surface Wipes


Electronic measuring scales

Pleiger Plastics Co.

Squeegee blades including Plei-Tech® 22 and Plei-Tech® 15 Vulkollan®

Sprayway Inc.

Aerosol adhesives including Sprayway SW066 Premium Mist Adhesive, Sprayway Fast Tack 383 Adhesive, Sprayway Fast Tack 384 Super Pallet Adhesive, Toner Aide; Sprayway Fast Tack 87 General Purpose Mist Adhesive, Sprayway Fast Tack 582 Screen Print Mist Adhesive, Sprayway Fast Tack 583 Premium Screen Print Web Adhesive, Sprayway Fast Tack 584 Super Flash Screen Print Adhesive; cleaners including Sprayway SW040 Graphic Arts Glass Cleaner, Sprayway SW206 Specialty Film Cleaner, and Sprayway C-60 Solvent Degreaser, Sprayway SW032 Fast Open Premium Water Based Screen Opener; and assist sprays such as Sprayway SW955 Anti-Stat Static Eliminator, Sprayway SW945 Silicone Spray, and Sprayway SW208 Toner Aide


Polyken screen-making tapes including White Solvent Resistant

Commercial Sign Supplies & Equipment


High Performance Vinyls and Graphic Films including 3M™ Scotchcal™ ElectroCut™ graphic Film Series 7725; 3M™ Scotchcal™ Translucent Graphic Film Series 3630 and 3730; 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Graphic Film Series 680; 3M VHB Tapes including 3M 4905, 4910, 4941, 4950, 4951, and more; 3M Scotch Masking Tapes such as 3M 218 Fine Line Tape, 3M 234 and 201+ Masking Tapes; High Strength Scotch Weld Acrylic Adhesives including DP810 and DP8405NS; flexible sign face material including 3M™ Panagraphics™ III Wide Width Flexible Substrate, PPS™ Paint Preparation System; and laminating adhesives such as 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 467MP, 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 468MP, and 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 9471LE

ABI Tape

ProtecRite® protective films and papers; TransferRite® brand premask products, including application tapes and protective maskings

Avery Dennison

Premium Graphic Films including MPI 1105 Opaque Series Films such as MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS; Supreme Wrapping™ Film SW900 Series; Supreme Wrapping™ Film ColorFlow™ Series; Conform Chrome & Transparent Colored Overlaminates; and SC900 Series and SC950 Series Supercast Cut Vinyl

Excellart Sign Products

Aluminum extrusions for flex face systems, commercial frame systems, architectural systems, and channel letter raceways

Foster Manufacturing

Vertical multi-substrate cutters including the SteelTraK and Excalibur Series; precision cutter bars including the Evolution-E2 Series, Javelin Series 2; Sabre Series 2 All Purpose Cutter; Simplex Cutter Bar; Javelin Integra; precision safety straight edges in lengths from 18 to 72 inches; workbenches such as the Evolution Bench, Big Bench Xtra, and Proteus Workbench; and material handling devices like the On-A-Roll Lifter® Series of roll handling transporters

Gerber Technology

Innovative equipment including the GERBER EDGE® FX™ Thermal Printer, enVision™ Plotter Series, GSplus Plotter Series, and Sabre® Routers; software such as Gerber OMEGA™ CP, OMEGA™ CS, OMEGA™ Layout Station, OMEGA™ Plot Station, ARTPath™, and Auto-Carve™ 3D Software; and GerberColor™ and GerberColor FX™ foils

Intertape Polymer Group

Anchor Sandblast stencils and filler for wood, stone, and HDU including Anchor 111 for hand-cut; computer cut stencil like Anchor 116, Anchor 117,Anchor 153, Anchor 155, and Anchor 157; and sandblast stencil filler including Anchor 211

IPS® Corporation / Weld-On Adhesives

Weld-On® Scigrip® adhesives and cements for plastic, metals, and other materials including Scigrip® 3, Scigrip® 4,Scigrip® 16, Scigrip® 40, Scigrip® 55, and Scigrip® 58

Lord Adhesives

Structural adhesives for sign manufacturing and fabrication including LORD® Signlok™ 403, LORD® Signlok™ 406, LORD® Signlok™ 810, LORD® 7542, and LORD® 7556

Montipower MBX Vinyl Zapping System

Handheld Electric vinyl eraser tool

Primex Plastics Corp.

Polystyrene sheet for screen and digital flatbed printing including PRIME DIGITAL HIPS™ and PRIME DIGI-HIPS™, in opaque, dead opaque, double white, and black

Screen polystyrene sheet for screen printing

Plasticade Products

Plastic signs and stands including Signicade® Deluxe, The Billboard™, Quick Sign; A-Frame; Minicade®, Simpo Sign II; SimpoSquare™, Squarecade™, and Wind Sign


Flatbed applicators including the ROLLSROLLER Entry, ROLLSROLLER Regular, ROLLSROLLER Premium, and ROLLSROLLER Traffic


Aluminum extrusions, sign kits, snap frames, post and panel systems,

Crescent Bronze Powders Co.

Metallic, pearlescent and fluorescent powders for ink and paint mixing

EncapSulite Products Co.

UV-protective lamp shields and light filters for darkrooms

Midwest also carries products to complement your sign making, such as gold leaf, primers, bonding agents, metallic powders, tapes and more!

Neon, LED & Electrical Supplies

Allanson International

Ballasts, Transformers, and LEDs for sign lighting including RSS Series and EESB series electronic ballasts; Unitran™ Protector Self Enclosed Style Transformers; Uni-Serve™ Self-Adjusting Neon Transformers; Linear F Can Series Metal Halide Ballasts; StormTight II and LEDgen2 LED modules; LEDrofit LED replacement lamps for fluorescent; LED Saber2 LED Linear Beam Lighting; LED Slide II lighting for large channel letters and sign cabinets; RGB ColorMix color changing LED systems including RGB ColorMix Skyline, RGB3 ColorMix System, and RGB ColorMix Addressable System; SkyLine LED Rigid Border Tubing; and UL, CSA, and CUL approved LED power supplies


Advantage electrodes; pure rare gases such as neon or argon; Accuwall and C.L. Designer® coated neon tubing; neon processing equipment and neon accessories


Neon tube supports and Stazon blockout paints


Neon transformers including ServiceMaster; Smart Series; MoguLED; HID Lamps; Sign Brite,

current Powered by GE

GE Tetra LED channel lighting systems, including Tetra MAX system; Tetra miniMAX; Tetra miniMAX MS; Tetra PowerStrip, Batten LED; Tetra EdgeStrip and EdgeStrip HO; Tetra MiniStrip; Tetra Contour LED; Tetra Contour LS and Tetra LED Tape


HID lighting fixtures

Paige Electric

GTO high-tension cable, LED cable, Plenum Plus SignWire, Power Supply boxes and Wall Buster


LED sign lighting systems for channel letters, sign cabinets, border tubing & accent, fluorescent alternative, and power supplies including: ColorLINE; FlexiBRITE; LEDStripe; BendLUX; SloanLED Prism; SloanLED Prism Enlighten; SloanLED SE; V180; VL Plus; VL Plus 3; HighLINER 2; SlimLINER; SloanLED PrismBEAM; PosterBOX; PosterBOX 3; PosterBOX Slim 2; SignBOX 3; SignBOX II; SignBOX RapidStick;

Ventex Technology, Inc.

Electronic neon power supplies and outdoor channel letter power supplies

Voltarc Technologies

neon accessories, colored glass tubing, clear glass, Kulka Lamp Sockets and U-Lamps


Complete line of neon components including toggle switches, porcelain electrode connectors, high voltage junction boxes, and transformer boxes

Digital Graphics Equipment & Supplies


Leader in commercial graphics solutions; wide variety of digital media and vehicle wrap films; Scotchcal™ films, Envision™ films, Scotchlite™ and Scotchlite Plus™ sheetings, Controltac™ Plus graphic films with Comply™; ink jet media for solvent digital printing; Scotchprint™ graphics and Panaflex ink jet banner material for digital printing, backed by their Performance Guarantee; floor graphics and more; IJ180mC; IJ180Cv3; Print Film 40C; IJ680 Series; 680 Series; IJ5100; 5100 Series; SC50 Series; IJ35

Avery Dennison

Premium Graphic Films


High-quality scrim-vinyl banner media for solvent-based, large-format digital printing

Better Life Technology

BILD™ Print Media for temporary or long-term durable floor, wall, or counter top graphics. Screen, digital, or offset decoration

BBC Industries Inc

Digital large format dryers such as the Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer


Plotter-cut films and digitally printable media used for heat application to textiles, including Hotmark Revolution, Quickflex, Allmark, and BestPrint media.

Clear Focus

One way vision films, perforated films like ClassicVUE and EconoVUE

Cooley Digital Products

A variety of banner material for wide format printing including CoolFlex Blockout, CoolFlex Frontlit, CoolTrans backlit, CoolGrip and more


Non-toxic vinyl and adhesive removers including: Vinyl-Off™, Reflective Vinyl-Off™, Adhesive-Off, Ghost-Off, Wrap Wash

Ferrari Media

Premium curl-free Digital Banner and Mesh Media

Gerber Technology

OMEGA software; EDGE 2 & EDGE FX Thermal Printers and a full line of foil color cartridges, films, Edge-Ready and specialty materials; the enVision and GSplus Series plotters; Sabre routers

George Knight & Co.

Heat Pres Machines for Heat Transfer Vinyl and Dye-Sublimation

Insta Graphic Systems

Heat Press Machines for Heat Transfer Vinyl and Dye-Sublimation

Kernow Coatings

High Performance synthetic digital media for the print industry, KernowJet; MetaliK; FloorSharK


Digitally-printable textured wall covering media; Abaco Beach

Magic Inkjet

Ink jet media, poster paper, photo paper, and banner materials; DMiBOP; FAB6; POSPRO+200; PPM7; SBL7; STICK2; GFPHOTO; GFIOP212; RENEW Non-woven lightweight banner


JFX and UJF Series large-format and small-format UV flatbed printers; JV150 and JV300 Series (54" and 63"), CJV150 and CJV300 Series (54", 64") eco-solvent ink jet printer, and UCJV Series large-format UV ink jet printers; TS and TX Series Dye-Sublimation printers; complete line of plotters, including the CG-SRIII Series and the CG-FXII Series.

Nazdar Digital Products

Lyson high-performance digital solvent inks, ImageStar digital media


PosterShop, ProductionHouse, RIPcenter RIP software

Ritrama, Inc.

Pressure-sensitive vinyls, polyesters, static cling, overlaminating film, and digital media; Ri-Wrap; Ri-Mark; Floor Talker; Ri-Dot;


Full line of digital printers; TrueVIS VG and SG Series Printer/Cutters; SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 Printer/Cutter, VersaCAMM VS-300i Printer/Cutter; VersaStudio BN-20 Desktop PRinter/Cutter; VersaUV LEF, LEJ and LEC Series Printers; Texart XT and RT series printers; CAMM-1 GR Series Large Format Cutters


Flatbed Applicators for sign makers


Small Format Virtuoso Dye-Sublimation printers; SG400; SG800; VJ628 SubliJet and SubliM Transfer Inks for superior dye sublimation

Sensient Imaging Technologies

Dye-Sublimation Ink with series including ElvaJet Swift, S4 PA Series; SE 100 HS; Opal SC

SEAL/Neschen - ACCO

Laminators; 62 Base; 54 Base; 54 EL; 65 EL; 65 Pro MD; 62 Pro D; 62 Pro S; and laminate films; Print Shield; Floor Guard; Easy Dot; ThermaShield; Print Mount; Pure Color;


Heat Press Machines for Heat Transfer Vinyl and Dye-Sublimation; Hotronix Fusion IQ; MAXX Clam; Air Fusion; Auto Clam; Hover; 6X6; Auto Cap; LowRider; Ball Press; MAXX Cap; Craft Press; EZ Weeding Table;

Specialty Materials

Plotter-cut films and digitally printable media used for heat application to textiles, including ThermoFlex PLUS and ThermoFlex Extra

Triangle - INX International

Alternative ink solutions for eco-solvent and UV digital Inks; EDX; GSU; GSP; GRR; RXV; MSS; HFB; ESC; VUH

Universal Products

Professional graphic films including Uni-Cal intermediate films, plus metallic, translucent, reflective, and specialty films


The most respected RIP and Print Management software package in the world includes the Wasatch SoftRIP and Print-to-Cut solution



PPS closed spray paint system for solvent paints


Grip-Gard EFx-LV; Grip-Gard Plus for steel, aluminum and wood

Matthews Paint Co.

MAP acrylic polyurethane coatings and low VOC-compliant coatings; EZ-Spray; Nuance color selector; specialty products and brushes

Spraylat Corp.

Lacryl, Series 20 paints, 1Shot lettering and poster paints, Chromatic and Danacolors bulletin enamels

Painting Supplies

Complete line of lettering quills, strippers and cutters, Wooster rollers



Panaflex flexible awning and sign facing material

3A Composites

Dibond and e-panel aluminum composite material ACM panels; Sintra & E-PVC substrate; the original, self-adhesive and heat-activated Fome-Cor; Gatorfoam, Gatorplast, JetMount board for large-format graphics

Allwood Sign Blanks

Cedar sign blanks


The Original Letter Coil™ and painted aluminum and steel sign blanks, custom sizes available with full capabilities of punched holes and rounded corners

Cooley Group

Flexible face material Cooley-Brite II with Coolthane; Weathertyte waterproof awning material; CoolFlex Banner Material


ACRYLITE GP cell cast acrylic sheet; ACRYLITE Digital Print; ACRYLITE LED optimized Letter Block; ACRYLITE FF continuously manufactured sheet; ACRYLITE SG Impact Modified sheet for channel letters; ACRYLITE GP P95 Black/White specialty extruded acrylic Sign Sheet; available in rolls and sheets

Laminators Inc.

Omega LusterBoard and SignBoard pre-finished wooden sign panels; OmegaBond Aluminum Composite Material ACM; Alumalite, Econolite and D-Lite aluminum composite panels

Matra Plast

Hi-Core corrugated plastic sheeting

Magnum Magnetics

Flexible, magnetic sheeting, including magnetic tape

SignArts Products

SignFoam 4 polyurethane panels along with Resin and Signshine, DuraCaps, and Grain Fraim


Sungard polycarbonate sheeting; PETG Thermoplastic Sheet


Corona treated and non-corona treated HIPS Polystyrene sheets available in screen grade or digital grade, dead-opaque